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Consulting Sector Jobs: Myths And Realities

Most of the MBA students are confused, about which field to choose, as their career option. There are many lucrative options such as FMCG, Manufacturing, Consulting, IT sector, Retail, Telecom

Busting MBA Myths - Aroon Koshy, XLRI Jamshedpur

People hold different opinions about an MBA. Some of them have penetrated deep within the society, especially among students. But most of these opinions are not true. They simply exist

Ultimate Urban Legends - Marketing Edition

Boss of a firm is sitting in a meeting room with his subordinates. Boss is concerned about company’s performance which has been very bad. 

Debunking Myths About MBA Entrance Exams

Every MBA Aspirant who needs to make it to the best b-schools in the nation need to do well in their CAT. That is a harsh reality that we ought

Misconceptions About Life At An IIM - In The Words Of An IIM Lucknow Student

Disclaimer: Although the author of this article is from IIM Lucknow, the points stated below are more or less true for all established or older MBA colleges in India. Would

How To Select The Right Specialisation?

“Oh, you are a fresher? You would surely get shortlisted for all FMCGs!”

The Urban Legends Of MBA Preparation

MBA. The three letters that instantly compel you to imagine a polished personality donning a classy suit, crunching numbers on a spreadsheet and taking strategic decisions. Although it might be

BUSTED! - Myth Of MBA Specialisations

YES, we are living in a myth that there are no other MBA specialisations except marketing, finance, operations, and HR and that the game is only about PGDM v/s MBA!