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Different Problems, Different Potions! - Garima Vaish, NMIMS Mumbai

I have always been an avid shopper and a fashion lover! From the time I remember shopping, I have never missed out any chance to visit a Pantaloons or a

That Simple struggle - Akshita Singh, NMIMS Mumbai

It is often said: “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”. Perhaps the phrase can beautifully sum up the episodes of my life. Coming from a decent background, I never had

The realisation of omnipresence of ABG: NMIMS Mumbai

When I first think of “Why Aditya Birla Group is big in my life”, I think yeah I know this company, it’s in cement industry and I sometimes buy cloth from

Aditya Birla Group- Born Locally, Ruling Globally- Aishwarya Deshmukh, NMIMS Mumbai

As a sole child of my parents, I was one of the most reserved and introverted people you will ever come across, a borderline Sheldon Cooper if you will. However,

Aditya Birla: A tutor you never asked for - Milin Tolat, NMIMS Mumbai

Last year, I received a mail for the CD-PI round from NMIMS, Mumbai-the attire for which I was expected to be in was full business formals. I was asked

Fearless Failure-Agrima Tiwari, NMIMS Mumbai

One could have read fifty books on obstacles and the importance of perseverance, but in the face of a challenge, it remains a herculean task to make efforts to overcome

Fear of failure: The one thing that makes it impossible to achieve dreams-Raja Agrawal, NMIMS Mumbai

Aditya Birla Group is USD 24.3 billion, which is one of the largest conglomerate in the country. It was back in 2014, during graduation I began to read about the