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SDA Bocconi Asia Center

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Prepare For XAT Decision Making,GD-PI, MICAT And More | Ft. Nestle And SDABAC

Of the management entrance exams lined up, XAT and MICAT are the two which are known for their unique nature and unpredictably. With MICAT-1 this Saturday, watch the video featuring

Summer Internship Diaries 2019-2021

Purwal MahadikSummer Intern, AB InBev

How An MBA Helped An Engineer, Lawyer, Actor, And YouTuber

When do you decide its time for an MBA? For some, it is a calculated step, who always wanted to get into the business world and be part of the

How 4 Students From SDA Bocconi Asia Center Got Into AB InBev With A Structured Preparation

It's always a great feeling for any millennial studying at a b-school to be able to become a part of a company that has made giant strides over the years

A B-School That Looks Beyond Your CAT Score | Apply Now

This is for everyone who wants to join a b-school that can change their perspective on the corporate world. A b-school that not only looks at your CAT score but

Placement Committee At B-Schools | Explained

How important is the placement committee in a B-school? How to be a part of the placecomm and how does a placecommer’s life look like? And a few of you

How To Get Placed From A B-School | Highest CTC 24+ Lakhs | Webinar

Get your B-School Admission and Placement Queries solved by the experts. Once you cross the hurdle of getting an admission to a B-school, the next big thing you are worried

Why Gender Diversity Matters At A B-School - Case In Point

MBA is more than just a degree, it’s an experience. And gender diversity is a part of that experience. Wouldn’t you feel weird if everyone in your campus talked, dressed,