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What Business Is Apple In?

Apple is today the world's most valuable company - its Market Cap. tops $ 800 Billion!

Can Samsung Overtake Apple? Yes, It Can!

by levering upon the advantage it has & stop fast following Apple!

Why Snapdeal Slipped & What It Could Have Done To Circumvent It

#Snapdeal, valuation has plummeted & it is up for sale.

Why Is Domino’s Pizza Losing Its Appeal In India?

Domino’s franchise, in India, is under fire.

Why Malls In India Are Turning Into Ghost Towns?

Many malls, in India, are shutting down. Here are some reasons explaining why this could be happening:

Why India Lost The 2017 Champion Trophy?

1992 repeated itself in 2017!

Why Indian IT Companies Are Facing Head Winds? - Strategy With RS

Are dark clouds hovering over Indian IT companies?  Here is what I think are the reasons.

Why iPhone Was Born To Be A Winner?

‘iPhone is a revolutionary & magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile product,’ With these words, on 29th June 2007, Steve Jobs introduced iPhone &