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Summer Saga 2018

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HS_C - To B Or Not To B - Summer Internship Story - Harsh Vajani, JBIMS, Mumbai

They say that the two months of summer internship are life-changing. I would agree to that to a certain extent. The most important thing you learn is how the corporate

Summer Of 2018 At Cipla

I interned with Cipla in their Corporate Strategy team.

ROXing At Jubilant - Things You Should Know For Your Internships

Every once in a while, we embark upon a new journey in life. Somebody has rightly said that past is for experience, future is for expectations but today is your

Trading Life Lessons As A Summer Intern - Internship Experience At HSBC

Overwhelmed by the aura of the occasion and the venue, my eyes sparkled at the terrific arrangement in place for the welcome of summer interns. This is how the internship

Life Of An Intern At Reliance Industries Limited | Sambhavi Ganguly, IIM Lucknow

While April marks the onset of the heat wave in India, for MBA students it opens doors to the industrial exposure they have been vying for, since the moment they

Staying Awake For The Dream - Internship At Hindustan Unilever - Chinmay Panday, JBIMS

I stepped into JBIMS with an aim to pursue Marketing as my Career and Hindustan Unilever as the place I want to be at. I started my preparations to make

Summer Roll - Internship At RPG Group - Tanuj Kukreti, XLRI Jamshedpur

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”