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US H1B Visa

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To Be Or Not To Be - The H-1B Conundrum

In his inaugural speech the US President, Donald Trump made an ‘America First’ pledge where he promised that people would ‘Buy American-Hire American.’ True to his word he has set the

4 Ways The US H-1B Visa Bill Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

The $143 billion Indian IT industry is currently grappling with an issue of truly epic proportions that promises to demolish its fundamental leverage. This is an industry that has for long

The H1B Visa Quandary - What Can India Inc Do?

In March this year, India dragged the US to WTO’s dispute settlement body against the latter’s measures imposing increased visa fees on certain applicants for L-1 and H-1B visa categories.

PROVE: (Professional Registry of Verified Employees)

PROVE (India's first Professional Registry Of Verified Employees) a new labor oriented service promoted by National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS), to help fill in the gap in information that

''On-The-Spot' admissions, it is only a marketing tactic' - Insights On The US Work Visa Scenario For Indians - Rajiv Dabhadkar

Team InsideIIM caught up with Mr Rajiv Dabhadkar, an expert in the field of inward and outward immigration. In our first interaction, we ask him to share his views on