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Tips & Tricks To Solve Odd-One-Out Question In Less Time, Ft. Ishbani Bhatia, 99.85%iler | VARC Acer

Odd-One-Out questions is a very important part of the VA section. These are asked in the CAT exam as Type-In-The-Answer type questions, where there is no negative marking and correctly

3 Best VARC Strategies To Ace CAT 2022 | Radhika Mohta, CAT 99.65%iler

The real preparation of CAT begins when one starts giving mocks. But then, just giving it without analysing won't help anyone. And there are a few tips and tricks, that

Learn How To Identify Traps In CAT RCs | VARC ACER | CAT VARC | CAT 2022

The RCs in the CAT exam come from various genres like history, geography, science, politics, technology, etc. Aspirants are generally not comfortable with the wide range of topics and hence,

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When I Saw A 100%ile Against The VARC Section, Ft. Aditya Doiphode, CAT’21 VARC 100%iler

Amid the spectacular Bschool results and inspiring stories coming out every day, here is the journey of Aditya Doiphode who scored a stellar 99.95%ile on the CAT with a whopping

How I Achieved 99.29%ile In CAT 2020 Despite Weak VARC Ft. Sidra Nasir Khan, FMS

Sidra Nasir Khan scored a 99.29%ile on CAT 2020. A fresher engineer from MANIT, Sidra was weak at VARC when she started out. Yet she did not allow her weak

Easiest Way To Prepare For Reading Comprehension

In this article, I will discuss with you the method I followed when I was preparing for CAT to prepare for the VARC section.

6 Month Strategy To Score 99+ Percentile On CAT VARC Irrespective Of Your English Skills

Verbal ability is an important and determining section on the CAT. Numerous test takers, specially engineers are known for struggling with VARC. To benefit all such aspirants aiming for a

How To Ace VARC- Story Of 3-Time 95+%iler In CAT VARC, Ft. Debrup | CATapult Ep 5

The VARC section of CAT is often intimidating to CAT aspirants. Being the first section that they encounter, VARC often leaves engineers wondering if their English is good enough to