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Where To Invest (Alternative Investments) - Finance With Chinmay

After posting my last article on financial literacy (link), I received a lot of feedback and queries from the people that they are somewhat aware of traditional investment avenues and

When The Literate Act Illiterate - Finance With Chinmay

Being an independent financial advisor, I have met hundreds of people to manage their finances. Most of them are either graduates or postgraduates in engineering, science or commerce. Being highly

From A Free Ride To A Free Car

Reliance in 2015, launched a scheme of 'truly unlimited' internet because there is no limit to unlimited data under Fair Usage Policy (FUP). The cost of the Wifi dongle is Rs

Free Basics : Mutually Beneficial Benevolence Or A Gilded Cage

One of the last controversies of 2015 and the first one in the New Year was around Free Basics. After the harsh reception that Internet.Org faced Facebook rebranded the system

Movie Magic: Lessons Of Life

“Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost!”  So let me start from the very beginning.  I write this piece after listening to a friend speak of his first Bollywood movie screening

'Digital StartUps Vs MSMEs: Where Private Equity & VC Funding Is Actually Required' - Finance With Chinmay

India has emerged as one of the largest hub for technology & IT/ITes startups including BPOs and KPOs with over 4300 of them directly employing more than 40 lakh people

Job Market For MBA’S: Need For A Level Playing Field

I am currently pursuing MBA Marketing from a Tier 2 B School in Mumbai. During the course, I have learnt the fact that MBA builds confidence in you and trains

Why It Is Necessary For All NGOs To Scale Up - Insights From Pranil

The central premise of this essay is to look at a critical problem that seems to bother most (if not all) effective non-profit organizations namely SCALABILITY.