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Game Players To Game Changers

We often find ourselves fondly recollecting disjointed and fragmented memories of our childhood. We rerun anecdotes and life lessons, from what seems to be an eternity ago, for our acquaintances

Running On Green Energy

We’ve all had that easy-to-pass course on environment in our school and college years, which seemed pointless to us at that time. While it outlined the importance of the environment

When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

We all are well acquainted with the word “Comfort Zone”, but how often do we come out of this zone? As students of a B-School, our answer would be -

Journey Of Boundless Learning At Vedanta Limited - Adyasha Panigrahi - XAHR

With the notification popping on my phone screen and nerves full of excitement,  I hurriedly read the offer letter asking me to join from 8 th April’2019. The big curve

It Was The Summer Of Twenty Nineteen – Shweta Srivastava – XSRM

“45 villages in 3 districts and 250 SHG women”, the temperature was at 47 degree Celsius in Madhya Pradesh! That was my internship project in a nutshell. The challenges I

Driven By Enthusiasm And Hard Work - Summer Internship Diaries - Cyril Bastin M - XSRM

My internship at Kudumbashree NRO is about Digital Marketing and supply chain of Kudumbashree's e-commerce portal. There are days that passed with uncertainty, cluelessness, lack of clarity on how the

Internship Diaries - My Journey So Far! - Sahiti Pandey - XSRM

Rural Yellow Times Pvt Ltd is a marketing company which is into rural promotions, international exhibitions and campaigns. During my internship, I was assigned to work upon several small projects.

A Run-Up To The Life At A B-School

‘Raat ka kya scene?’ – Party!