Ten Things That Make FMS Special

Yeah we know you have heard it all – The Marketing campus of the country, an amazing ROI, the 1 – minute extempore and of course the DU girls. But for us at the RED BUILDING of dreams, it is about living the experience, strengthening the originality which is unique to us and as our Alumni put it ‘Going out into the world with minimum damage to the zest for life’.

10 Things You Should Know About FMS

1. “Rishtein mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai…”

Beginning modestly in 1954 as a cell for business management under the aegis of University of Delhi, FMS was literally the first college in the country to offer a formal MBA degree. With an experience of about 60 years in the continuously evolving field of management education, the institution has closely seen all that has taken place in the area of business, entrepreneurship, economic policies and industrial relations – thus becoming an integral part of the country’s business history. So you can safely say that this is where it all started, the hallowed halls and
corridors of FMS. Also, being closely affiliated to the University provides us with a chance to expand both our academic and aesthetic horizons.

FMS Delhi Campus

2. “Yeh Dilli hai mere Yaar!!”

Talk about being “centrally located”, and we are located bang in the heart of the National Capital which allows us to witness our future battlefield from particularly close quarters and also allows us to soak in the vibrant cultural scene of this melting pot. Right from running in marathons to airing our views on burning issues on national television, from checking out the latest entrants in the markets through the various exhibitions, Auto-expos and Trade Fairs to relishing a soothing evening of Sufi music at Purana Quila – We are just never short of options to make use of the spare time, provided we find any. For the foodies, ‘Paranthewali Gali’, ‘Karim’s’ and the food festivals are just an introduction to the food culture out here.

FMS Delhi: Outing & Extra Curricular

3. “Ek Mahal ho sapno ka…..Knags”

We might not have a dedicated hostel to our name, but then FMS students have for long remained beneficiaries of the hub of activity called Kamla Nagar (by Delhi administration) or KNags (coined by one of our forefathers). Right from fast food chains like McD, KFC, CCD, Barista, Domino’s, Baskin Robbins to the local Momo Joints and Chacha ke Chole – you ask for it and you get it and that too at a 5 min walk from the college (taking a rickshaw makes it 10 because of the traffic, so suit yourself). And of course, the whole experience of finding the right abode, dealing with the landlords, shopping for the groceries just makes you all geared up for the final transition !

FMS Delhi: Outing Locations

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4. “Bade Dil Wale” – Charity begins at B-School!

Even while doing our bit for the society and nature, we do it in style. From the cleanliness drives to educate the slum-dwellers about hygiene to organizing blood donation camps to academic counseling sessions for school children, Vihaan – our social service cell is always on the forefront. With its rich network of NGOs and numerous CSR associations such as Shiv Nadar Foundation, Sanctuary magazine, Teach for India, Pehel, GreenKarbon, SIFE, and Standard Chartered’s Living with HIV, it is able to create a relevant and a deeper impact. Initiatives like providing regular financial literacy classes for the local banjaras have attracted partnerships & support from major organizations such as HSBC and KPMG. This feeling of giving back to the society begins from the ‘Vihaan Induction events’ held in the first month and culminates in the collection drive “Pratidaan” where the seniors graduating from the college donate their belongings instead of selling them off.

FMS Delhi: Social Welfare Campaigns/Programs
5. ‘Vishwavidyalaya’ – Beyond the walls!!

Don’t let our cozy little Red Building (which, by the way makes peer interaction with both batches almost mandatory, hence the legendary camaraderie) lead you into underestimating our infrastructural capacity. We have the whole of the Delhi University at our disposal. Altius, the annual sports fest is held in the best of the venues (many of them prepared for international athletic meets like the Commonwealth Games) that DU has to offer and we continue to have an access to them throughout the year as well. The Patel Chest Auditorium and the University Conference Centre house the larger meetings for us.

FMS Delhi: Sports Events | 1

FMS Delhi: Sports Events | 2
6. 1 Hazaar ek… 1 Hazaar do… 1 Hazaar teen… sold!!

Ever thought of getting rid of all the junk you keep collecting??

Ever dreamt of taking a whole bevy of beauties to your favorite diner??

Ever wanted to teach your poker/rock climbing/karate skills to fellow students?
FMS gives you a perfect opportunity for all of this and more importantly even a date with the person of your dreams (FMS only – that sure is highly possible!). Of course, all of this comes at a price, but then with the heart at the right place, who cares about the price!!
The unique event of Silent Auction, held in last week of July every year, witnesses the FMS students auction all of the above and much more to the enthusiastic but silent bidding of their colleagues. The highest bidder gets the prize and the collections are then donated for the education of the underprivileged.

FMS Delhi: Donations Campaigns

7. “Aaa dekhein zara kisme kitna hai dum…”
HUL LIME……KICC……ITC Interrobang….Loreal Brandstorm……Mahindra War Room!!

Sincere apologies for giving everyone a hard time at these and many other podiums, blame it on the mentoring coupled with the peer learning that not only renders the flag bearers of FMS unbeatable in competitions, but also invincible for life. Be it case study challenges rolled out by renowned organizations or the various B-school events happening across the nation, FMS students have registered their presence on every competitive platform and proved their mettle. Winning is certainly in the air at the Red Building.
Come sunshine or rain, FMS never fails to place its pupils within a week. With strong and long- standing corporate ties and the leverage of an extensive alumni network, rolling processes are unheard of. The small batch size and the diversity that the admission process ensures contribute heavily to this achievement.

FMS Delhi: Industry Competitions

8. “Yeh taara Woh taara Har taara…”

The clear advantage that FMS enjoys in producing business leaders in the long-standing history of the institute also bestows us with a wealth of a resource, well cherished by the FMS fraternity, known as the ‘ELUM’ – who occupy eminent positions among the top decision makers of the world today. More so, students are able to make full use of this experience-rich resource in the various formal & informal interaction programmes that are held round the year. We also have the program GAMA where the final year students are assigned mentors among the alumni, who provide them with industry insights and guide them in mapping their interests and capabilities.

FMS Delhi: Alumni | 1

FMS Delhi: Alumni | 2FMS Delhi: Alumni | 3
9. “Kitaaben bahut si padhi hongi tumne” – MIND it!!

FMS can surely boast of a full-time and an all-PhD faculty with global stints in acclaimed colleges along with regular contributions to prestigious journals. Many of them also act as consultants and work closely with the Government of India over strategy issues. More so, students are involved by the faculty in such projects to provide them with adequate exposure of real life strategy implementations.
The topicality of our education can be exemplified by the fact that we were the lucky first few to be exposed to the strategies of Anna Hazare and taught about them under ‘Brand Anna’ which went on to become a viral campaign.
Apart from the semester system which ensures a healthy competition among the batch, the thoroughness of the learning is ensured by the fact that we are free to customize our course with a whole wealth of electives during the final year. And we always get what we want!

FMS Delhi: Strategy & Planning

10. “ Masti ki Pathshala”
We have a lively ‘Cult’ural scene in FMS with college teams for Quizzing, Debate, JAM, Drama, Dance and Music which participate in various competitions both in colleges of DU and various B- schools across the country. The Annual Management festival ‘FIESTA’ is our flagship event which has students from prestigious colleges vying for the substantial prizes in a whole range of competitions.
And when we party, well nobody does it with our kind of panache – With a judicious sprinkling of parties throughout the course at the best of the Discs in the NCR region – FBar, Capitol, Quantum, Jynxx…. We get all the de-stressing that we ever require!!

FMS Delhi - Cultural Fest: FIESTA

(Article contributed by FMS Media Cell)

(This article was modified by the Media Committee of FMS Delhi and was reposted on 18th May 2012 at 22:27 hrs)

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It seems the media cell of fms did not wish to dedicate any amount of time to this article…but a perfect article for an aspirant who is asked why fms 😀


While there are so many advantage to FMS right from very low tution fees to the fact that that it is located in between DU. I am dissapointed with this article. Most of the statements are so general in nature. Many of the statements are valid for any top 10 b school.


Point 8 is quite true – as a regular at B school competitions, I can vouch for it. Points 3 and 9 are also true for FMS and may not be true for all the b schools covered by InsideIIM.


DU girls!…Really is that what FMS has come down to? …. I think it has been written in a very poor light…I'm surprised InsideIIM is allowing it…


@Archana – Please read the first sentence once again carefully. You seemed to be in some kind of haste to post a comment here.


1. When will FMS Delhi shift to its new campus? This had been announced in articles in TOi and others in 2010. It’s 2014,mate.

2. What is the situation of “Exchange programmes” in FMS? FMS Delhi should improve this aspect of it ?
Correct if I am wrong; but I heard that at FMS, a student is failed (or sth like that) if he/she goes for “exchange programme”….? Alums, plz clarify.