What Veins Are To Humans, Is Supply Chain To An Organisation – NITIE

As I sit to write about my campus NITIE, I see within myself a hitchhiker in search of the wisdom and knowledge that the campus abounds. I think these lines would be able to partially express what I mean to say,

What to humans is, arteries and vein, is, to an organization its Supply-chain.

Being a mechanical engineer and having prior experience in supply chain, NITIE truly felt like a dream destination. Since I kept foot in the campus for the first time I have not been able to praise its glory and the bountiful nature enough. The unique essence in the air is nothing less than invigorating.

‘Abhisanskaran’ as they call it, the orientation session, gave me enough insight to know about the vivid details of the glorious past, the alumni, professors, our Director Madam Prof. Karuna Jain, the clubs, committees, the curriculum and my fellow peers, and all of it was nothing less than magical. And no matter how much I tried, the sceptic critic in me had to finally acknowledge that this campus, is nothing less than what I have heard about it.

There is a smooth flow of information, knowledge, guidance and of course Love, Warmth, and Compassion. There is an utter sense of pride among students for their institute and an immense sense of responsibility to carry forward the NITIE legacy, to not let our Seniors and Alumni down, to becoming the best in class and achieving higher and becoming the management leaders and visionaries who would transform India and would take it ahead in the journey to becoming world class through consistent hard work, dedication, knowledge, and righteous.

This is so far, I go in praising my campus! Yet this is only a fraction of all that I wish to express about my alma-mater.

The story is to be continued… some other time.

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– Subham Burnwal