How I Scored 99.9+ In CAT 2017 And Got Into IIM Indore

Anna Shajee, a CAT 99.93 percentiler, and Yash Madhani, a CAT 99.96 percentiler, are students of IIM Indore. They both worked on their weak areas to perfect their CAT scores and ultimately aced the exam!

Here, they talk about their strategy to crack CAT, the problems they faced, and how you can prepare for the D-Day! Have a look.

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Nice video, I like the point of never giving up till the end, because, we can learn from the story of tortoise and rabbit, that slow and steady wins the race. I doesn’t matter in the end, who was ahead and who was behind. In the end people only talk about the tortoise not the hare.
Keep posting such video till the D- day.