From Being Average Students At IIM To Flipkart – Harshil & Anusha, Senior Product Managers – Part 1

Why two consultants from IIM Indore decide to take a pay cut and join a startup? Was MBA just a safety net? What happens when you join an IIM without any aim?

In this video, find out how Harshil & Anusha, both product managers at Flipkart, arrived at their current careers.

Do you think everyone studies rigorously at b-school? Because many students don’t. And yet they achieve success. Because the road to success is not linear. As evidenced by Harshil Adesara and Anusha Jayanti.

In this video, Harshil Adesara, Senior Product Manager at Flipkart, Ex Intuit, Ex Entrepreneur and Anusha Jayanti, Group Product Manager at Flipkart, Ex Dexetra, both IIM Indore Alumni share their journey.



Find out how from being average students at b-school, Harshil navigated his way through various startups to reach his current role as PM at Flipkart. Find out how Anusha recognised her interest in building and user experience and decided to take a pay cut to join Microsoft as an intern. Find out how both Harshil and Anusha went to IIM Indore hoping to have a big name to fall back on in their CVs and how they took different even strange roads to their current roles.

If you want to know what it takes to have the product manager mindset, this video is a must watch for you.

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