How Experience In Sales Adds To Your Career Growth – Shubham Khurana, Manager, Facebook, Ex-HUL

In this video, Shubham Khurana, Client Solutions Manager at Facebook, Ex-Treebo, Ex-HUL, XLRI Alum talks about his journey from XLRI to HUL. He talks about taking a sabbatical from work and how he finally made his way to Facebook.

(This is Part 1 of the video series featuring Shubham Khurana.)

Summary Of The Video
Shubham takes us through his journey from XLRI, to HUL and finally Facebook. He talks about which organisation he prefers, HUL or Facebook. Shubham tells us about getting into his dream company directly from campus at XLRI. He talks about the high of being the only marketing hire by HUL. He shares snippets of his 6 years at HUL. He talks about how working in sales was a big plus for his future marketing career.



He further talks about working in marketing at a behemoth like HUL, and how the transition to digital marketing was slow going. He highlights how ‘virality’ was an important metric for nascent digital or social media campaigns. He shares how the scenario changed when he joined a funded startup – Treebo. He talks about the difference in working with a company like HUL, with huge budgets versus a startup like Treebo, with limited spending capacity.

Shubham then shares how he left Treebo and took a sabbatical to reflect on life and figure out what next in his career. He shares the story of traveling the world as a photographer. Finally, he shares just why and how he landed up at Facebook, his current role.

From working on optimising digital marketing for HUL to being on the other side of the spectrum at Facebook, Shubham’s journey is a must-watch if you are curious about the evolution of digital marketing.

Key Takeaways
1. A sales stint gives you a perspective of how things really happen on the ground.
2. When managing a team of people older and more experienced than you, empathy is really important.
3. A sales experience can be really valuable for a marketer to come up with effective strategies.
4. Research a company’s culture and role before applying for or accepting a job with them.

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