How Food-Tech Companies Are Changing Eating Trends – Raghav Joshi, COO – Rebel Foods (Faasos), IIM-I

In this video, Raghav Joshi, COO at Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos), Ex Deloitte & JP Morgan, IIM Indore alum answers questions about the food tech industry, working at a startup, consumer behaviour and subscription models.

Summary Of The Video
Raghav talks about the food tech industry in detail. He gives us a glimpse into operations at Rebel Foods (formerly Faasos).

He talks about the food tech scene in India and how it’s still at a nascent stage. He shares insights into how the industry is sure to grow with a huge untapped market, here in India. He talks about the possibility of having homes with no kitchens because ‘eating out and ordering in’ just may become norms for all. He shares how bachelors already rely on takeout for sustenance.

He then talks about B-school competitions and how they can be character building. He talks about how these competitions make you more confident and self-aware. He talks about working with Faasos when it just started up. He speaks about launching operations for a startup and the challenges he faced.

Finally, he talks about subscription models and how the food tech industry is flooded with aggregators like Uber Eats, Swiggy and Zomato today. He compares these to the taxi industry and shares how Rebel Foods is positioning itself as a brand to be trusted, rather than aiming to become a service.

If you want to know how operations strategy works, this is a must-watch for you.

Key Takeaways
1. Product market fit is very important if a startup needs to scale.
2. Keep doing different things, so that you can find out what you love.
3. Subscription models are great, but the economics behind these needs to be studied carefully.

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