MBA Taught Me Discipline – Divya Anand, Product Manager At Uber, Ex-Amazon, SPJIMR Alumna – Part 3

In this video, Divya Anand, Product Manager at Uber, Ex Amazon & HT Media, SP Jain & University of California Berkeley Alum, published author, talks about the skills of a product manager, tips to crack an Amazon interview and lots more.

Summary of the video

Divya answers various questions about b – school, interviewing with Amazon, and lots more. She talks about working with Amazon on a global level in the USA and then working with the local Indian part of the company. She discusses the philosophy that drives Amazon interviews and how it’s a great advantage to know exactly what each team does when interviewing for the company.

She answers questions about product management, explaining the difference in leading software versus a hardware product. She talks about the different mindsets needed to drive each product and what makes software products so cool to work with. She talks about skills a product manager needs and how to gain these. She shares gyaan about studying a Masters In Management and how a dual MBA may be useful to your career.

Finally, she talks about how a marketing MBA is pretty comprehensive and can give you the skills for a product management career. She shares how an MBA is useful is any other profession as it provides discipline.

If you have any questions around the skills needed for a product manager, this video is a must watch for you.


Key Takeaways

1. The problem-solving thought process is an important skill for any career.
2. Take design thinking courses or any other such courses on campus that help you get in the mind of users, especially to develop product management as a career.
3. While working, think of what every project adds to your career profile.
4. MBA teaches you important skills like project management and discipline.


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