Why I Did A Masters In The US Despite Having A SPJIMR MBA – Divya Anand, PM, Uber, Ex-Amazon – Part 2

In this video, Divya Anand, Product Manager at Uber, Ex Amazon & HT Media, SP Jain & University of California Berkeley Alum, published author, talks about different milestones in her career journey.

Summary of the video

In this video, Divya shares with us, the story of studying at SP Jain. She talks about just why she chose SP Jain as the b – school to do an MBA from. She shares how writing a statement of purpose (SOP) was a part of the admissions process before her MBA. She further talks about studying at the University of California Berkeley (UCB) and what motivated her to select UCB. Divya touches upon the various options for management studies, especially outside of India. She shares some gyaan about doing a dual MBA.

Divya also talks about her passions – reading and writing – and shares the story of how she became a published author. She talks about Goodreads, a product she would love to work with. She tells us just how she would change Goodreads, if it were to launch officially in India, giving us a peek into the mind of a product manager.

Finally, Divya talks about working at Amazon. She shares snippets of the work culture at Amazon, and how it helped her plan and organize her personal projects like writing a book.

If you’re curious about just how a PM working with Amazon thinks, or just want or know what it takes to sustain a PM career, this video is for you.


Key Takeaways

  1. You can study further after an MBA as well, especially since it helps you fine tune a skill set to develop your career.
  2. MiM or Masters in Management is a course option available to you if you would like to study abroad.
  3. The best way to learn product management is on the job, or by practice.
  4. Project management is an important skill to have in any career.
  5. It’s great to prepare for any meetings or presentations beforehand to the best of your ability to deliver a power packed performance.
  6. Constructive criticism should be taken in the right spirit and used to better yourself.

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