Want An Interview Call From IIM Ahmedabad?

Good News!! The IIM Ahmedabad will begin giving little more weight to the CAT 2016 Exam score. The main changes and remarkable points are given below:



What’s changed from last year:

Weightage is changed for interview procedure and CAT score: The final selection depends on your Personal Interview Score weightage is 50%, Academic Writing Task Score weightage is 10% and your Normalised CAT Total Score weightage 40%. In comparison, previous year the Personal Interview (PI) Score and Academic Writing Task (AWT) Score were given an aggregate weight of 70%, and the rest of was between from the CAT score and Academic Record score. What’s more, the split up amongst PI and Writing is uncovered now, It is plainly clear is that all-important part of your evaluation.

Past Academic performance won’t have a direct bearing on the final selection criteria: Last year, in the final selection, the 30% that originated from outside PI and AWT was allocated as 70% to CAT score (normalized) and 30% to your academic record (a score in light of your performances in X, XII and undergrad study). This year, the 40% that comes outside the PI and AWT is allocated totally to the normalised CAT score. At the end of the day, according to our discussion with the admissions office of IIM Ahmedabad, the AR score won’t figure in the final merit list used to choose who gets admission.

Past Academic performance will even now decide who gets a shortlist for the PI and AWT stage. It could be said, no extraordinary changes in this procedure. AR scores will still be utilised to decide which candidate gets shortlisted for the Personal Interview and AWT. The logic for this remains same as per previous year – it is an added formula recipe with expanding weights for Standard X, Standard XII and bachelor’s degree.

Minimum percentile criteria remain same for General category, tightened for other categories:

The minimum percentile for general category candidates is 85, 85 and 90 overall, same as last year. However, for OBCs it has been expanded from 75, 75 and 80 overall to 80, 80 and 85 generally. For other categories candidates, it has expanded from 55, 55 and 75 and in case of ST – 50,50 and 70 to 75, 75, and 80 across the board. Additionally, for the first time, it is said that a positive raw score in every area is a pre- requisite for getting a shortlist.


The previous year’s criteria made it near on impossible for people with not exactly stellar academic records to get that interview and final admission to IIM Ahmedabad. Now, this year, the difficulty level of getting an interview call from IIMA will more high which is never in past. In any case, once you get that interview, it is much simpler to change  it into a final admit when contrasted with a past year, in light of the fact that your past sins are no more rebuffed at the final stage.

Advice for CAT candidates with poor past academic performance:

Focus on the CAT totally, and attempt to expert it. You simply need to do what is required to get that interview. When you get there, you have a truly average possibility of getting a final admit, unlike last year. Go for it!