Where would we stop??

While the news paper is buzzing with the formation of new government ,terrorist  invasion, economical imbalances ,new released movie we are just overlooking a  grave issue. A warning that the human kind  is on the verge of its utter extinction .The ice sheets in the polar regions have becoming  thinner every day, and this process has been accelerated almost twice in recent few years. If this will continue like the way it is then the raised sea  water  will devour most of the coastal areas in no time .This will cost  billions of asset and lives. The reason is well known global warming.

But we are not entirely responsible for this. We are just accelerating an inevitable destructive procedure. If the increasing co2 wouldn’t be the reason then the  geothermal heat and dust  would have take the entire responsibility.

Let’ forget about the ice. But what about the increasing temperature. In Delhi its almost 48 degree. Which is not very far from half of the water boiling temperature. So this is how fast the climate is changing. The big holes in the ozone layer  or the increasing methane gas is just the introduction of the play that is behind the mist which we deliberately trying to overlook.

But do anyone really care about this? I think no government is thinking about stopping or at least decreasing the use of carbon fuel to an essential level. Every country has its has  GDP to maintain ,fiscal deficits to compensate so they can’t stop pumping those liquid carbon .Others have their need which can’t be to fulfilled by renewable energy so they can’t stop importing. So it’s like a deadlock which can’t be resolved. So my proposal is that the governments should take steps on creating under water city. Because  with the increasing population and industrialization it would be almost impossible to resettle those people from the submerged coastal areas .But how to feed them that is another aspect. With the idea of finding  a place to live on mars ,this would also be a nice proposal if we are not yet  done with the CO2 .

But yes now people understood that if they lose the harmony with ecology then it will soon lose its last footstep. But the question is that will these light steps be able to absorb the emitted carbon that was once covered under the soil. whether you talk about the tree planting pledge or different oaths of various  countries to prevent it ,but can it compensate the damages of the deep forests?

But still some put allegation against the NGOs’ or some just gun them down. Lives of people is really small in front of its own greed. But it’s better to wake up before falling into an endless sleep. If we don’t take serious steps for it then we would definitely lose many of our houses and snatch some paradises from  our next generation.