Why Are We All So Far Away?

The title might have downright bemused you.

You must be thinking what’s up with this dude?

Where is this person actually writing from?

How can anyone be far when they are just a click away…

That is the reason.

Everyone is so far away because they are only a click away.

The click/swipe/scroll/ping is the basis of our interactions (which can be faked so easily by someone else too 😛 okay I’m not the paranoid type people are watching me through my webcam type. Though occasionally I do cover my webcam 😛). Back to the main topic. My only concern here is that even though we are the tech-savvy, EDM listening and kindle carrying generation, we are still predominantly humans. We have still had emotions hardwired to our DNA. And according to me with emotions comes sharing. As long as we feel we also need to share (As I’m doing right now 😛).

But you might say, This dude is totally nuts! Sharing isn’t that what we always do. We share all our pictures on Instagram, go live on Facebook, share memes on Tumblr and 9gag, voice our opinions on Twitter. We are essentially sharing our whole lives with not just the old school ‘really’ close friends but the 700+ followers we have on Instagram. Everyone knows what is happening in our lives. Also, we get close to 600 odd likes on all our updates. That shows the majority of people are responding to our updates.


But is that enough I ask…

You say what more do you want dude? People anyway have so much going on in their lives. They are taking the time out and liking your updates and still, that’s enough for you. Seriously! Grow up!

I do not want thoughtless likes from 600 people or for that matter even 10 people. I want those few friends of mine to go nuts over my post and write totally random content which is not even in context. Even if they don’t write I want to see them later in the day and talk about that random content. But since we are all old enough and live far away I would be happy with just a phone call not even related to the post or status. But a call to silently check how I’m and to let me know how they are doing too.


Maybe the ease of communicating is being wrongly taken as message already communicated.

We still need that extra personal touch. That human warmth and craziness which keeps us all knowing that even in this crowded world where we have so many digital friends.

We will still want to have those two three wisecracks who will go out of their way to embarrass you.

P.S. Even though I keep writing both sides of conversations(which happen in my head ultimately 😛) I’m eager to know your views too (Rant your heart out in the comment section below 🙂).


Image courtesy: Roblox

Ipshita Dutta

The Author is currently pursuing 'MBA' from IIM Trichy and is often lost in her own speculations about life in her own head. But sometimes she does decide to 'share' that wisdom with others.