Will Amazon and Flipkart survive these E-commerce policy changes?



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Top B-School Recruiters Want To Hear From MBA Students | InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2021

Every year, InsideIIM conducts the Recruitment Survey, where MBA students get to tell recruiters what they think of the b-school recruitment process! The recruitment survey reveals answers to crucial questions

IIM Kozhikode 2021 Admission Policy - 45 Percent Weight For CAT 2021 Score

IIM Kozhikode's 2021 admission policy for admission to the PGP batch of 2022-2024 has now been released by the institute. This year, IIM Kozhikode will give a combined weight of

Can You Land A Job At Aditya Birla Group?

Aditya Birla Group is a conglomerate that has made its presence felt in almost every vertical out there. And thus the group is always on the lookout for fresh talent

Why I Didn't Join IIM Ahmedabad In 2020 Despite Converting - Nikita Warkar

8th of May 2020, IIM-Ahmedabad declared its shortlist. I hadn’t told anyone; I secretly checked the result and yelled the F-word. My parents rushed to my room to check what

All About B-School ProdMan Internship: The Complete Guide

Product Management is a difficult, rewarding, and ever-changing position to hold.  It's also possible to have a lot of fun with it. A Product Manager may be responsible for market

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