XIMB. The Neon Blue Logo. Xavier Square.

XIMB. The Blue neon logo. Xavier Square. The tall glass building standing tall.

The aura around it.

Nostalgic about the days, when my heart used to skip a beat, every time I passed by the main road, looking at the building of my dreams. Having done my graduation from KIIT University, passing by XIMB was almost a regular affair. Among the top business schools of India, and many alums of my graduation college itself being part of the prestigious institution, who by the way, are in the topmost echelons of the business world, XIMB was an instant attraction and always occupied a special place in my heart.
2014, when I finally graduated from KIIT, to step into the shoes of the corporate world; I was quite sure of returning to the drawing board for my MBA one day, once I had gained required exposure and work experience. Joined TCS in September 2014, trained in Trivandrum, deployed to a project in Bangalore. Work was good, learned a lot, interacted with my clients and finally moved on to Hewlett Packard.

2-3 Years passed by, and finally, I felt the need to go back to studies. Was promoted quite rapidly with the additional workload being handed over, but I was always attracted to the business world. How companies design their strategies to do business in this ruthless and competitive world where customers can be very trying. Work too demanded to know the business and functional aspects of the client, when I finally decided to prepare for exams which will lead to the next logical step of my career, an MBA from a reputed institute.

XIMB was always among first of the choices, with a legacy of 30+ years, building socially responsible managers and a wide alumni base, who work in almost every major conglomerate. The interview went exceedingly well and was very confident of a final convert. And so it was.
Fast forward to 17th June 2018. My-oh-my. The first step into the campus, it felt like heaven. Lush green, sparkling clean and legacy buildings were there for a warm welcome.

12 PM into the night, can’t describe the feeling!
Better get back to studies now, eh?


Which ABG company would I like to work for?

Undoubtedly, it would be Idea Cellular. Primed for a strategic merger with Vodafone India, the combined company will be the market leader in terms of subscribers and market share. India is currently witnessing a data revolution being led by Idea in terms of both rural-urban coverages. Heavy investments are being put in to upgrade sites and cater to the ever-increasing demand. The idea is very strategically positioned to make a significant impact while serving the Indian consumers, owing to its strong spectrum and asset footprint. Telecom being a personal passion, I would love to ride this wave of digital revolution in India via Idea.

– Rohan Talukdar

BM 1st year, XIMB

XIMB Placement Committee

XIMB Placement Committee