10 Reasons To Attend Coffee With SIBM 2018

Today one google search gives you all the answers but that is the problem, it gives you ALL the answers, even to questions you weren’t sure you had! And now, at this critical juncture during the MBA entrance exam season is in full swing and you’re already burdened with so much work, the need of the hour is a trusted source that can give you crisp and appropriate solutions to all of your problems.

The Aspirant Relations Team of SIBM Pune has the answers you have been waiting for: Coffee with SIBM. This is a nationwide seminar that helps students get a better idea of how to go about cracking the SNAP exam and how to make the transition from aspirant to a student.

Here are some reasons why no aspirant should miss the Coffee with SIBM event in their city :

1. One stop solution for all things SNAP

This year the pattern of the exam has changed and candidates might find it a little confusing to figure out what is the right strategy in such a case. A million things are running through the mind of an MBA aspirant right from what to do about my weakest section to how to prepare for current affairs and so on. CWS will clear all such doubts and more.

2. GE-PI-WAT tips and tricks

SNAP is just the first hurdle in your journey to the hilltop, next is the GE-PI-WAT process. The GE process is unique to SIBM as most other colleges will have a conventional GD round. So hearing all the details and getting the tips and tricks to sail through these rounds right from the horse’s mouth is not an opportunity to pass up.

3. Prep kits

With SIBM, you can be sure that you will get ample help in your preparation for things both before and after you enter college. At CWS events, aspirants are given preparatory kits which has important vocabs, quant formulas as well as access to a comprehensive GK compendium which is extremely useful for the current affairs section of the test.

4. Mock Test

Remember how I said SIBM will always prepare you for the important things? Here’s how. There’s a short mock test that is conducted at the CWS events based on the format and structure of that year’s SNAP. It is a fun activity wherein you get to compete with the others attending the event and if you score in the top three you get additional goodies!

But in addition to being fun, it is also extremely helpful to understand the pattern of the paper and the type of questions asked and gauge where you stand in the competition.

5. Why MBA

When you actually join a B-School, this will be the question that will plague the lives of around 70% of the batch. Even if in your head you’re certain you couldn’t do anything else, you have to convince a lot of interviewers of the same, throughout your time at MBA. So before you take a nose dive into the world of MBA it’s probably better to hear what MBA is all about from the people who have gone through your journey and are now where you want to be. They can bust all your myths and give you a clear picture of what to expect from an MBA programme.

6. Life at SIBM

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on a hilltop for two years with views so breathtaking that even when you have been sleep-deprived for days, you still stop to watch the clouds float by? That is SIBM for you. It is a visual treat but also there is always something or the other to do here. At the CWS event, the students will tell you all about the magic of the place and also everything you can be a part of here. All the student councils and what they do to keep the student-driven culture of SIBM up to exemplary standards.

7. It’s in YOUR city

The convenience factor is definitely a plus here. The students of SIBM travel all across the country and take CWS to every aspirant. In 2018, Coffee With SIBM is in its 13th edition and is coming to 12 cities and 13 venues. Find the event details and links at the end of this post.

8. Unique event

Very very few B-Schools organize such events for their prospective students. CWS is a mix of an informative seminar and a fun event that makes you almost impatient to join SIBM. It is very unlike any other event you’ll attend this exam season and it’s just a few hours on an evening where you’d be taking mocks or practising questions anyway. So might as well come down to the nearest CWS event and learn more about the college you aspire to get into.

9. Meet people in the same boat as you

In 2017, CWS saw 6000 aspirants turn up across the 11 cities and 14 venues. Attending the CWS event in your city gives you so many people to talk to who are on the exact same boat as you. Maybe you can discuss how to implement the tips suggested by the students or form a study group with fellow aspirants. At least you will get to meet more than a few people taking this journey with you and who knows, maybe you’ll meet a few of them when you join SIBM too!

10. The chance to meet your future seniors

The first year students of SIBM Pune are the ones who go to Coffee With SIBM and they were exactly in your place last year. Sharing their experiences is definitely enriching for all aspirants plus getting to interact with your prospective seniors is always an added bonus. And when you do join SIBM, they’ll be there to help you navigate your way through there as well.
So stay tuned for Coffee with SIBM 2018, brewing soon at a venue near you.
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Ahana Batabyal

I am a first-year marketing student at SIBM Pune, a foodie with a creative streak, and I love to write!