In this episode of InsideIIM's MBA Brew, you will get tips and tricks on how to handle one of the most dreaded, as well as scoring sections of CAT. Tune in for a free live webinar with Arshia Mitra, a student of IIM C and 99.82%iler in CAT’22 with 99.94%ile in QA.

In the second episode of InsideIIM's MBA Brew, we delve deeper into the intricacies of the VARC section, providing valuable insights and strategies to optimize your performance. Let's understand the right mindset required to approach VARC with confidence!

Tune in for a a free live webinar at 6:30 PM on 20th November, 2023 to find out. ARKS Srinivas, Ex-National Head (MBA Prep) at Career Launcher, is here to answer all your questions!

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When I set out to write the first one in the series of these posts, my agenda was pretty simple and straight. I looked back 2 years to when I was vying to get into a desired B-school and was overwhelmed about approaching the preparation stage. One particular dilemma I faced in the nascent stages of my preparation was related to the approach I should take to derive the maximum benefit from mocks.

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Avichal Agrawal,  IIM Lucknow Co'23

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In this video, Ashish Sen, IIM Bangalore, and Kevil Shah, SPJIMR Mumbai have shared some reading resources which can help you get over your fear of VARC and ace the CAT.