7 Things To Ponder Before Buying Furniture For Your Office

There’s an old saying that goes like this- “A good office can make-or-break your career”. God bless the gentleman who came up with such a blunt saying. Whether you’re redoing your office space, founding a startup, leasing new office space, or redesigning your home office it takes one heck of a time and effort to purchase the perfect piece of furniture that you can use for a long time to come. If you don’t know where to get started, here’s a checklist of seven things to bear in mind that will arm you take on this mammoth task.


The size of your office is directly correlated to how much furniture you would be able to accommodate and invest in. How large or small your office space is will determine the kind/variety of furniture you buy. If your workplace currently boasts only a few employees and in a small space, you can purchase larger co-working tables. But more employees in a small office screams congestion and, thus you require to put in more tables. So, ensure they aren’t too small or uncomfortable.


When you go out buying or order online office furniture, the comfort quotient of employees must be given due consideration. Chances are our team of moody employees (pun intended) might not be comfortable being cramped in cubicles or desks. As a result, of which they may get hysterical and agitated, which will have a negative impact on their productivity, performance and workplace morale. The disgruntled workforce might not achieve targets at all in the resulting chaos. Would you like that?


Hygiene is pivotal in any workplace around the world. So, don’t wash your hands off for any type of material your furniture is designed from. Remember employees prefer working in clean surroundings and aromatic smell. Hire a cleaner/janitor to look after the tidiness of desks, chairs, floors and ensure they are regularly cleaned. Some piece of furniture that blatantly shows stains and isn’t easy to wipe off clean may not be a  good choice in an environment where cleanliness is the foremost priority.


Lighting garners paramount importance at every workplace. Employees don’t prefer working in dimly lit dingy rooms since they have to gouge out their eyes just for a glance through at the screen. An office space requires an ample amount of bright luminous lighting arrangement irrespective of your office location or how many windows are available. Lighting must be strong and strategically placed in places where it benefits employees the most and protects their eyesight. After all, a keen eye with a good eyesight ensures good productivity and efficiency. Isn’t it?


Budget is an important factor upon which the design and aesthetics of your office solely depend on. How much are you willing to dole out for furniture at your new office? Can I get a good deal especially when running on a low budget? Should I splurge more on furniture at this time? These are the questions that you must ponder over before making a dire hasty decision that might leave you in the lurch later. Firstly, settle on a figure which will determine the kind, quality and quantity of office fixtures. Once you are fixated upon a budget, look for the best deals and highest quality furniture that budgetary constraints and limited resources can buy for you.


Chairs are a tricky thing to buy since employees at most workplaces sit in their chairs for eight to nine hours daily at one stretch. You can go for recliners if your workplace offers a chill and relaxed environment. But normal corporate settings are a different ball game altogether. The type and size of chairs should be reigned-in before you make any buying decision, especially when designing your office space. There are many reliable brands such as Nilkamal, Regent, Spark etc. these that offer quality chairs for your office. It’s but natural for office chairs to be extremely comfortable and adjustable. Also, buying office chairs with wheels is a better option as it allows employees portability, better mobility and accessibility.


The furniture that you plan to buy for your office after having gone through hours of skimming through web pages should be ‘electronics friendly’ as in the wires should not get tangled in the legs of chairs, desks, etc.  Always buy furniture that offers just enough space for hardware and easy management of wires for essential things such as a desktop computers, routers, UPS, Laptops, phones, electricity ports, and phones, etc.



Mayank is an avid reader, musician, and YouTuber who loves everything about the Internet. In this article, the author throws light on some essential points to ponder before you purchase office furniture. You can reach him @ Twitter. https://twitter.com/MayanktheKazama