Are You MBA Ready Or Not?

When to go for an MBA is a critical decision for every aspirant. Every B-school has a set of basic criteria. Almost every school needs a bachelors` degree and a work experience is looked favourably. The top B-schools in the country just not merely want straight ‘A’ students but are looking for passionate people. To each and every aspirant, I will advise them to connect the dots of their life and thereby create a consistent personality that resonates with the expectations of a B-school. But, what are those qualities that make one MBA ready or not? Here are some traits which every MBA aspirant should possess (also, this helps even in life, whether you are an MBA or not):


Ambitions (Post MBA) 

One should effectively communicate their long-term plans and the way MBA will aid in its fulfilment. The ambition should be realistic even if it is not a unique one. The idea should be conveyed as how your past and present roles have given invaluable insights and experience to generate a real interest in management and business.


Problem- solving 

How will you cope up with the rigorous academic in MBA? I was asked this particular question in almost every admission interview. Business schools look for people who are problem solvers. They want to be assured that you will thrive in the program. One needs to be able enough to analyse quantitative concepts. Once you assure the interviewer that you are comfortable with problem-solving, you will surely have an edge over others.


Community Service 

One should do it voluntarily, but it is highly valued by B-schools. Social service always reflects about one’s priorities and values and speaks in favour of the person. It means that you are aware of the surrounding environment and aspire to bring a change. It brings to the interviewer the real facets of your life that apparently couldn’t be conveyed through your application. Also, one`s active participation in the society assures the admission committee that you will be an active contributor to the college.



Nowadays, schools are not just looking for prospective managers but a leader in making. Leadership achievements in the past go in favour of the student. One should show that he/she is a go-getter by giving instances from their life. Ask yourself, “When an opportunity comes, are you the first to go for it?”



Passion is associated with the attitude one has. It is the most important quality to have, as it keeps us engaged and ambitious throughout life. Passion is derived from ‘suffering and death of Jesus’.  Passion requires a tremendous amount of energy. It can be cultivated only when you have the curiosity and openness to be passionate about something. In the interview, close attention is given to candidates who can convey their passion, which reflects a completeness of character.

In this competitive world, where a decimal point can make or break your dream application, one has to distinguish himself/herself from the flock. Presenting as a worthy MBA student to the interviewers and convincing them that you possess the above qualities- citing examples of each- it will make you one special candidate.