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This is IIM Trichy's official Placement handle on InsideIIM.

This is IIM Trichy's official Placement handle on InsideIIM.

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Life At IIM Trichy - Alpesh Shrimal

The day I stepped my feet at IIM Trichy, all of my dreams have come true to get into a prestigious institution, an Indian Institute of Management. The aroma that an IIM could give is incomparable and inexplicable. The state of art campus of IIM Trichy is just an incentive

Journey From Choice To Belief: IIM Trichy

Why and how you chose IIM Trichy?Life is in the moment. This, this very second is life. Every second is a choice. What we say, who we meet, where we go. And each of these choices is what makes us. You. Me. Everybody.This is simple and this is very complex.

I​​IM Trichy – Where Each Class Is An Experience

It was 2 nd of July 2018 when the academic term for the batch of 2018-2020 started. IIM Trichy never sleeps and most students were busy doing some activity or other the previous night, yet on that morning I saw a class full of enthusiastic students. There wasn’t one sleepy

IIM Trichy Sets Itself Apart!

What makes IIM Trichy Unique?Indian Institute Of Management Tiruchirappalli was established in 2011. It is one amongst the seven second-generation IIMs. It started its functioning under the mentorship of IIM Bangalore and grew out as an independent institute. IIM Trichy has a 175 Acre campus 12Kms away from Trichy Airport,