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Md Nashim Akhtar

Md Nashim Akhtar

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The Penultimate Week As A Mahindra GMC Intern!

The penultimate mile of the internship was all about formulating the perfect execution plan. Being working in the strategy domain of scaling up a relatively new business of Mahindra, I had major challenges to project significant numbers.The journey or I would say, the experience of meeting some of the finest

Learning From The Master of The Trade - DC

The initial two weeks of group induction followed by business induction led me to prepare the ground work for the remaining 6 weeks of my project in my business sector. Prior calls with buddy and mentor before the start of the programme actually removed any kind of novelty in my

My Mahindra Diaries - An Exciting First Week At Mahindra As A GMC Intern

The GMC programme kicked off in the second week of March , when we received the details of our project as well as our mentor and buddy. I had multiple discussions with my mentor and buddy before coming to Mumbai to clarify the scope and deliverables of the project. These