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Chartered Accountant May 2016 IIM Bangalore PGP 2017-19

Chartered Accountant May 2016 IIM Bangalore PGP 2017-19

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Skills Required To Become An Investment Banker - A Guide By An IIM Bangalore Student

As the summer placement season approaches, many of you would be fantasizing about being an Investment Banker. We have all seen the money, cars, girls etc. in The Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short, etc. You would have also heard about the terrifying fact of working 18-20 hours each

Bank Day At Top IIMs - How to handle yourself when the placement game begins...

You wake up on Day 0. The day when the most coveted jobs on campus are on offer. Unlike other days, you don’t even need an alarm to wake up. Excitement is running all through you. You have your shirt ironed out. The elegant navy blue (or black) suit ready.

CV Prep For Summer Placements - How Much Is Too Much?

It is that time of the year where the first years start getting immersed into the B-School experience. After months of anticipation, it is time to live the dream for an entire new set of geniuses. The chosen few from the millions who get this opportunity. As the senior batch

Do Case Studies Make You An MBA?

MBA and cases are almost synonymous. B-Schools are characterized with loads of cases and pre-reads for each and every subject. A statement often used by the b-school professors is “We are just facilitators. The onus of learning is on you!” And the best tool used to further this cause is