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Chartered Accountant May 2016 IIM Bangalore PGP 2017-19

Chartered Accountant May 2016 IIM Bangalore PGP 2017-19

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How Important Are Grades In MBA - Amol Aranke, IIM Bangalore

In India, the story of grades begins as early as in primary school. Let’s look at the story of Raju. An innocent little kid hailing from a middle-class family who have huge expectations of him. Raju is in his primary school and has just realized the joy of having friends

How Difficult Are IIM Interviews?

Everything is impossible until it’s done. And everything seems easy when it has been done. There is a lot of enigma that surrounds IIM Interviews and GDs (now WAT in most IIMs). There are a lot of stories about these interviews that float around on the internet which depict an

Indian MBA v/s Foreign MBA

A very pertinent question among a lot of MBA aspirants, especially those with workex, is whether an Indian MBA is comparable to one from the United States. Or maybe Europe for that matter. Even freshers, at times, think about working for a few years and then pursuing an MBA from

What Is Your Reason For An MBA?

The biggest drawback of the Indian mentality is evaluating every decision with a pure tangible return on investment. Unfortunately, this also extends to the education system and the decisions we make related to education. MBA is the most prominent victim of this mentality. With even the B-Schools succumbing to this