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Knowledge from IIM Indore: Indian Businesses and Icarus Paradox

Barlee Kaur kicks off a new series on IIM Indore - Knowledge from IIM Indore.You can check student series of IIM Indore - Icons of IIM IndoreIn talk with the guru: Professor Srinivas Gunta talking about Indian Businesses and Icarus ParadoxIcarus was a figure in Greek mythology. One of the

'I presented a project on Malnutrition to PM Narendra Modi' - Icons of IIM Indore - Kapil Kanungo

Kapil is one of the gem who has been carved out to dazzle through the IPM program. He is currently in the 4th year of IPM course at IIM Indore. During his stay at IIM Indore, he started to traverse the journey of being a CA as well as CS Finalist,

"I eagerly look forward to plunge into the realm of investment banking" - Icons of IIM Indore - Shivani Vishwanath

Shivani Vishwanath is a second year participant at IIM Indore. These days when a lot of students are flying abroad to pursue their management education, Shivani came to India to pursue her management education. She pursued her graduation degree from University of Toronto in Engineering Science, Biomedical. She has recently

"Sachin Tendulkar wanted perfection in everything" - In conversation with Sunil Joshi and Venkatesh Prasad at IIM Indore

In conversation with former cricketers Venkatesh Prasad and Sunil JoshiThe Sports Committee of IIM Indore invited former cricketers Venkatesh Prasad and Sunil Joshi to the campus in order to woo all the cricket enthusiasts here. After they were introduced to the audience, I got a chance to have a formal