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How Multinational Companies are dealing with the Coronavirus Crisis? Take This Quiz!

The entire world is undergoing a tumultuous time during the global pandemic of coronavirus. With the economy crashing down under continuing lockdown in all major countries the multinational companies are the worst hit. But, during these trying times, it is these very companies, who are taking all possible measures for

Do You Think Its High Time For Digital Induction And Campus Hiring? Take The Poll

The recent coronavirus outbreak across the world has shaken the world with its spread and severity. To curb the spread, companies are announcing work from home for its employees, educational institutes are closing their gates and the government is issuing circulars to stay home. In B-schools, the placement season is

What Sponsored Events Do You Most Associate With Tata Steel? Take This Poll To Answer!

When you join an organisation, what do you consider the most? Is it the company policies, or the brand perception? Organisations around the world spend a lot of money in engaging with their community for a multitude of reasons. Right from creating a brand perception, to supporting causes and spreading

Risk & Return Explained | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Interested in a finance career? Whether you aspire to become an investment banker, a consultant or play the markets game, you need to have really strong basics. A grounding in accounting and finance basics is a pre-requisite for most of the coveted finance jobs out there after all. If you're