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Placement, Admission, USP, Campus Life, Ranking: All You Need To Know About IMT H, Ft. Sanjana S

What exactly are the things that attract you to a B-school campus? We all know that B-school life is a little more than just academics and placement. From the kind of environment you are studying to that of the network you are building, committees and clubs you are taking part

Interview Preparation Guide By IIM L Student - Decoding The IIM Selection Process

One word that a lot of you will come across frequently at any business school is MECE - factors that are mutually exclusive or non-overlapping and collectively exhaustive or complete. In this article, I will use the MECE framework from business as a way to build a solid pre-interview preparation

How to Ace Marketing Questions In Your GD-PI Rounds: Learn from RB Marketeers (Makers of Dettol, Harpic, Durex & Lysol)

Markets are constantly bombarded with new products every day. And to stand out, you need to come up with marketing strategies that cut the clutter. If you are on any of the social media channels, chances are, you might have come across one or the other ‘out of the box’

The Reality Of Placements At XIMB, Ft. XIMB PPO Holders (Mahindra, ICICI) and Interns (D&P, HUL)

Placements are something that every B-school student looks at, at the end of their 2 years. And the diverse the opportunities for these students, the better are the career prospects. We today have a set of students from XIMB, who have interned and converted PPOs in companies belonging to diverse