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My Journey From FMS To Managing A Multi-crore Brand Like Wheel, Ft. Ruslan Khan

Wheel, one of the most iconic brands from the stable of HUL, has a long history of building and becoming the household name. And in order to make sure that a brand registers and resonates with its customers, a brand manager plays a crucial role. We spoke to one such

Don’t Schedule Your NMAT Attempt Before Reading This

The NMAT exam is one of the few MBA entrance exams in the country that allows multiple, well-spaced-out attempts. This means your test scores no longer depend on your luck on the exam day. You can attempt the exam multiple times to achieve and submit your target scores.However, your NMAT

How An Aluminium Factory Works & What Can You Learn From It, Ft. Madhusmita Sahoo, ABG

Madhusmita Sahoo joined ABG right after her engineering. In her long journey spanning over two decades Madhusmita has seen many ups and downs. She shares her experience with us while we were at the smelting factory of Aditya Aluminium, trying to understand how Alumnimum is manufactured and made into varied

The FanTAStic Quiz Has Taken The Retail Route. Take The Quiz Now

The FanTAStic quiz season 2 is off to a great start and we are as excited as you are to see the constantly shifting leaderboard. In the second quiz of the FanTAStic quiz season 2 we have the legacy retail brands from the house of Tata. Improve your knowledge about