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What Are The Career Options For You When You Jump Into The World Of Data, Ft. Dr. Raja R Choudhary, Director, UBS

A dual doctoral degree holder in Economics and Psychology, Dr. Raja R Choudhary, Director of Academic Affairs at Universal Business School recently had a conversation with InsideIIM to make us understand the importance of Data Analytics, how data is changing the world and careers and where to get the best

How We Got Into P&G And BCG Ft. SPJIMR Alums - Surbhi & Aayush

How does a year after B School look like? There are certainly some defining moments as a student which shape you to not only achieve what you desire but also develop a mindset to be the best in the industry when you step out in the real world of business.

How This B-school Is Transforming MBA Education, Ft. Tarun Anand, Vijay Tandon

Do you think industry professionals with experience in the corporate world are better teachers for a B-school? At least this is what Tarun Anand, Founder of Universal Business School believed in and hence came up with the truly global business school that focuses on andragogy rather than an age-old academic

How To Ace Your B School Journey? – Making The Most Out Of The Two Years Ft. TAPMI

Finding yourself and playing to your strengths is the first step as you start your B School journey. With a multitude of diverse subjects & committees throughout your program, identifying and working with a focus towards that vision, makes all the difference. We spoke to three such achievers on the