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How Well Do You Know Your Monuments? Take This Quiz To Find Out.

Have you ever looked at a monument and wondered how it all started? What is the building block of a megastructure and who had it first in their minds! The fascinating world of monuments provides you with a glimpse of the culture of a particular place that it is a

Taare Zameen Par Deconstructed | HR Concepts - Learning IRL BY ABGLP

Are you interested in an HR career? Do you want to ace the placement game and land an internship with your dream company? InsideIIM, in association with ABGLP, brings you Learning #IRL. Brush up on basic concepts and revise for the placement season with this unique content. Do you think

Admissions & Selection Chances | Profile Evaluation & Scholarships - Webinar

All the major entrance exams are done and dusted. It’s now admissions season. But the question is - are you ready? Are you prepared to crack the WAT-GD-PI rounds and get that coveted seat into your cream b-school? Because just like you, there are many aspirants who are waiting to

Is Tata Steel A Value-Driven Organization? Take This Poll!

Ever thought of why a particular company stands out from the rest! Is it just the sheer volume or the human capital of the company, or there is something else that makes them stand ahead in line! How important do the values followed by an organization become?And when we talk