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Why Ratan Tata Wrote A Letter To The PM

The news of Cyrus Mistry being replaced as a Chairman of Tata Sons is not new now. A dramatic event which happened on Monday took us by surprise. After this event, the interim chairman of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi in which he assured

Top-Down Vs Bottom-Up Approach Of Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Many new investors entering into stock markets have a common question – What approach should I have? Should I start with a ‘big picture’ i.e. economy, GDP growth rates, interest rates, currency rate, commodity prices, inflation etc which can affect broader stock markets which eventually will affect the price of

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Amateur investors lose their money as they invest based on hunches, tips & calls provided by brokers, internet articles or just because of the herd behaviour. This results in unavoidable and unnecessary risks which causes huge wipe out of the investor’s wealth. The difference between an amateur and a professional

Where To Invest (Alternative Investments) - Finance With Chinmay

After posting my last article on financial literacy (link), I received a lot of feedback and queries from the people that they are somewhat aware of traditional investment avenues and they were curious whether any other investment avenues are available which are not known to many but might generate better