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When The Literate Act Illiterate - Finance With Chinmay

Being an independent financial advisor, I have met hundreds of people to manage their finances. Most of them are either graduates or postgraduates in engineering, science or commerce. Being highly educated they are academically literate. But to my surprise, I found most of them financially illiterate.Let me give you an

'Digital StartUps Vs MSMEs: Where Private Equity & VC Funding Is Actually Required' - Finance With Chinmay

India has emerged as one of the largest hub for technology & IT/ITes startups including BPOs and KPOs with over 4300 of them directly employing more than 40 lakh people contributing to approximately 4% to our GDP.On the other hand, there are around 260 lakhs MSMEs directly employing over 800

'Falling Oil Prices - Who’s losing, Who’s Gaining'

Prices of crude oil have tumbled more than 60% in last 9 months, mostly due to a slowdown in 3 largest oil importing countries- The US, China & India. This has been a great macroeconomic activity for most of the economies in the world. This is a good news for

'Inflation: From The Perspective Of Government, Investors, Industries, Consumers, Policy Makers And The Economy' - Finance With Chinmay

Inflation is a highly debated phenomenon among the media, government, policymakers and economists. While investors and consumers expect zero inflation, government and central banks need inflation to keep the economy going.Inflation is an increase in the level of prices or increase in money supply. Due to increase in the supply of