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How Tough Is The DI-LR Section Really? - Analysing Past Five Years' CAT Papers

The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section of the CAT exam has been the pain-point for lakhs of aspirants who have taken the test in the past. Unlike the QA section, the DI-LR section doesn't differentiate between engineers and non-engineers - its wrath is showered upon everyone equally, as was

Most Important Topics For CAT 2020's Quant Section - Analysing Past Years' CAT Papers

The Quantitative Ability (QA) section of the CAT exam is one that many test-takers have struggled with in the past; engineers and non-engineers alike. For some non-engineers this section is their Achilles's heel and can bring down their overall CAT percentile, especially when nightmares like CAT 2018 present themselves.Given that

GMAC Are 'Deluded', Say Test Takers After GMAC Announces 7 Major Changes To The GMAT

One of the biggest fears of GMAT test-takers was the cancellation of the exam due to the Coronavirus lock down - a fear which was mitigated by GMAC as the exam is now available online. However, GMAC has announced some major changes to the at-home version of the exam, and

Top 15 Resources You Can Use For Free To Prepare For CAT 2020 - Full Resource List

Preparing for an exam like CAT can easily set you back by tens of thousands of rupees, specifically if you invest in coaching classes, mock test series and study material. However, with excellent learning resources available at the tip of your fingers at no cost, is spending so much money