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Is Management Education In India Outdated? Ft. Sidharth B, Masters’ Union, IIM C Alum

Bill Gates famously said he was disappointed with the Indian education system when he visited our country. It is a known fact that even institutions in India acknowledge. Where does that leave you? With Industry 4.0, the world is rapidly changing, and to secure your future you need to be

Can CEOs Teach Business Better Than Professors? Ft. Pratham M, Masters' Union

What if your b school professors are people who hold top positions with the likes of McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BCG, Nielson, and more? What if the CEOs of companies you want to work for are teaching you in classrooms? Perhaps the most important part of your MBA journey

I Realized That Success Is A Continuous Process, Ft. Gaurav Lakhani, IIM Shillong

Accepting failures and moving on in life is something that is never taught in any school while growing up. For IIM Shillong student Gaurav Lakhani, dealing with one such failure was very difficult. With higher aspirations and a charted out future plan for himself, he got a jolt when he

I Always Thought I Am Inferior To Others, Ft. Rajesh V, IIFT Delhi

Like most kids in the Indian Education System, Rajesh too was stuck in the stressful cycle of school, tuition and prep. His IIT JEE classes took a toll on him, and he wasn't able to enjoy his childhood like most 8th grade students do. This burden that fell on his