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MBA Stories Of A YouTuber, A Rugby Player, And A Filmmaker

Can Managers Have An Artistic Edge?-------------------------------------------------------------What do an international level rugby player, a professional dancer and a documentary filmmaker have in common? They’re all managers in their own right. Now, you’d be wondering how that is logical, but hear us out! No matter which environment you are in, ultimately you

How To Get Into IFMR GSB - Profile Evaluation Webinar

We’re a month into 2020, and with every passing day your GD-PI rounds are coming closer. Probably you’ve already gotten a few calls by now. Ideally, you should be done with your share of research and shortlisted your b schools. In case you’re still unsure about whether or not your

From An IPL Selection In CSK To XLRI

In the field of Sports, one needs to be physically and mentally fit to achieve their peak form and also constantly improve their performance. Players consistently face a number of challenges on a daily basis be it injuries or losing matches that eventually take a toll on their well being

The Unique Experience of An MBA From Two Countries - IMT Ghaziabad's Dual Country Programme (DCP)

How would you feel about doing one semester in a foreign country? A Dual Country Program is beneficial for B-School students in a variety of ways. B-School students get to experience a similar curriculum in two different countries, under the same institution. In such programs, students get to interact with