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Careers In The BFSI Sector | Reinventing MBA In Finance For The Future

The BFSI sector is rapidly evolving. No longer is it a 9-5 banking job, the most aspirational job and safe job out there. Today the BFSI sector seems to have shifted focus, from public institutionalised players ruling the roost to new private players taking the lead. If you want to

SDA Bocconi Asia Center - Final Placements - IMB Batch Of 2017-2019

SDA Bocconi Asia Center has completed its Final Placements for the IMB batch of 2017-2019! 60+ companies participated in the recruitment process of  SDA Bocconi IMB students, and students secured offers from AB InBev, EY, Deloitte, ICICI Bank, and Tolaram Group, amongst others.  SDA Bocconi Final Placements 2019 – HighlightsThe highest domestic

Tired Of Your Nosy Neighbour Giving You Career Advice?

This Is Where You Should Take Career Guidance FromHave you ever received career advice from an eager relative or a nosy neighbour? You might have noticed that the people least qualified to give the advice seem the most confident about it.It’s important to choose where you get your career guidance.

How To Accelerate Your Career With An MBA - Live Webinar With IFIM Business School Professor

The world of business is changing rapidly - from technological innovation to rapid globalization, many disruptive elements are influencing how the world goes about conducting business.With the world of business itself changing, it is imperative that business schools keep up and provide management education that is as relevant to the