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Workshop Details | Register For Eximius, IIM Bangalores's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit

Eximius, IIM Bangalores's Entrepreneurship and Innovation summit, is one of the most celebrated festivals hosted in the Indian B-school community. Eximius is an expression for excellence, a platform and opportunity for individuals to transcend the ordinary and ride on the waves of the emerging startup culture.This year is the 15th

How Heart Up My Sleeves Won Hearts Of Sharks Anupam & Vineeta, Ft. Riya K | Startup Central Ep 2

Riya Khattar is a young professional who was always passionate about Fashion and Styling. During the pandemic when people took to various hobbies, Riya decided to build a startup around her hobby. While cleaning the closet, she stumbled upon this idea which is a modern concept, fit for transforming India where

What You Must Focus On Before Your Business School Begins

The 2-3 months before your business school begins can be crucial in setting up a strong foundation that you could then build upon during the course of your business school programme. With a plethora of courses and activities at your disposal, it would become important for you to allocate your time

Is Your Resume Stopping You From Getting The Dream Job? Ft. Sandeep Das

Your Resume is the gateway to landing the right job at any stage of your career. You might have the urge to put everything that you have done in your life on that paper to make it look promising! But, is that something you should do? Are you making it difficult for