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Sandeep Das’ Journey From IIM Graduate To Management Consultant, Best-Selling Author, Leading Columnist And Professional Speaker

Sandeep Das, an MBA from IIM Bangalore and a strategy course holder from INSEAD, wears multiple hats. He is a Director in management consulting at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). In his free time, he has authored 3 books (‘Yours Sarcastically’, ‘Satan’s Angels’ and his upcoming book ‘Hacks for Life and Career:

The MBA Portal: One Stop Portal for Management Career

Helping people achieve their career dreams and creating positivity was the key inspiration behind starting The MBA Portal. As we found ourselves in an unending abyss of despair brought into the economies around the word by the novel coronavirus, the LinkedIn was flooded with posts of cancellation of internships and

Sunday Consulting Quiz - Answer These 6 Questions To Get A Special Surprise

It's Sunday, and it's time to play InsideIIM's Sunday Pop Quiz!The theme of this pop quiz is 'Consulting' - how well do you know the field? How much do you know about the origins of Management Consulting and the biggest players in this field? Test your knowledge by answering these 6 questions!At

Journey Of An MBA Alumnus Who Became A Best-Selling Author

Harsh Pamnani is a much-appreciated storyteller in the world of business. His bestselling books- ‘Booming Brands (Volume 1 & 2)’ cover the inspiring journeys of new age ‘Made in India’ brands. These books are published by CNBC and have been appreciated by many government, business and academic leaders.He is a