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Mock CAT Tips By Rahul Anant | FMS Delhi And 99+%iler

Rahul is a current student at FMS Dehli. He loves mentoring students for CAT. How Important is mocks for CAT exams?Mocks are an integral part of your CAT preparation. It helps to make a habit of sitting for 3hrs and minimizining the distruction. I will suggest a few direct points which

MBA Experience In Uncertain Times By Vivek Gupta, A Current Student At IIMB

Vivek Gupta is a current student at IIM Bangalore. He graduated in computer engineering in 2015, and worked for four years with Deloitte Consulting and Infosys Limited before joining IIM Bangalore in 2019. He interned at OTO Capital on a Strategy and Product Intern role. He will share with us

Can MBA Be Useful To A Government Officer | Sandeep Kumar, IIM Bangalore

Sandeep Kumar Mohanty is a current student at IIM Bangalore. He scored 99.69%ile in CAT’19 Before joining IIM Bangalore. He worked with the Odisha government as a Revenue Officer for 30 months. He was also selected as Income Tax inspector for govt of IndiaSo, Sandeep, how was the IIM Bangalore

Extensive Guide To Prepare For VARC Section | Tips By Dilsad Ali, IIM Bangalore

Here is the pen picture of the intended reader- A person who did schooling in vernacular medium, haven't read more than 5 English books in addition to curriculum books and is not good with the English language. [in short an engineer belonging to rural India] If you fall in the