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"How DMS Is Helping Me To Become An Entrepreneur" - G Naga Maheswara, DMS IIT Delhi, Class Of 2021

An entrepreneurial mindset is the most critical mindset required in today's economy, where employment generation is a crucial aspect to tackle the economic slowdown. Moreover, Entrepreneurship is the responsibility of every capable graduate in the current scenario.DMS, IIT Delhi has given me a great platform to pursue my passion of

All You Need To Know To Crack A B-school Interview | Ft. Aditi S R, DMS IIT Delhi

While you must have come across countless articles with a similar heading, I want to tell you all something that nobody spoke to me about. The first word that comes to my mind when people ask me tips for an interview is introspection. Every question that you will answer right

MBA Telecom & MBA General - The Twins Of DMS

DMS, IIT Delhi released its application form on 10 January, 2020. If you would have visited the admission portal, you must have come across the two programs that DMS offers- MBA General & MBA Telecom. Some of you must be wondering about how does MBA Telecom differ from the other

"What Sets Apart DMS From Other B-schools?" - Vaibhav Kumar, DMS - IIT Delhi, Class Of 2021

That time of the year is here when after a victorious battle with CAT, you are going through the websites of various B-schools to come to a conclusion of selecting one. The email notification in your phone starts pouring with GD-PI calls and you have to make a call about