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It's all about the people. XLRI HRM(2019-21)

It's all about the people. XLRI HRM(2019-21)

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Short TED Talks To Cheer You Up!

We all have our moments of misery and desolation. There are times when we all feel like life will never get better. “I can’t deal with this anymore”, a sentence that we encounter every now and then in life. While there is no quick fix for sadness, there are ways

5 Reasons Which Compelled Me To Pursue An MBA

One of the most powerful solutions to tackle even the most difficult dilemma is in fact the question ‘Why?’When I made the decision to pursue an MBA, this was the first question I asked myself. Luckily, I had the following strong reasons that helped me make up my mind on

A Local’s Guide To Kozhikode

With IIM-K results out, many of you might be packing your bags and wondering about this new city that is Kozhikode. Having spent my entire childhood summer vacations in Calicut while visiting grandparents, I am proud to say that I know Kozhikode like the back of my hand. From the

To 'B' Or Not To 'B' - Should You Join The B-School You Converted?

One of the biggest confusion faced by many aspirants each year is whether they should join the B-School they converted. It is indeed a dilemma if one should give another attempt at MBA entrance exams in the hopes of joining a better one next year. To be honest, this is a