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Ten Things You Should Know Before The IIFT Exam

With just a few hours to go before the IIFT entrance exam, here are some last moment suggestions and tips for all the eager aspirants out there. Cracking the exam is all about channelizing and strategizing everything you've learnt/acquired so far in those couple of hours.So,Clearly, the first thing to

"I Divided The 2 Hours Into 3 Segments" - Abhishek Batni, 99.827 Percentile in IIFT

Abhishek Batni scored 99.827 in IIFT 2018. A fresher, he hails from Mumbai and did his graduation in mechanical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. He is currently a first-year student at IIFT Kolkata. In this conversation, he shares how he prepared for the IIFT entrance exam. 1) Did you join

A Journey Towards Entrepreneurship - Interview With Gautham Sethuraman, Co-Founder Of Knappily

Even while graduating from one of India's top b-schools, IIFT, Gautham Sethuraman pursued his deep-rooted dream of becoming an entrepreneur by rolling out Knappily, a knowledge-based App in Jan, 2016.Here is an excerpt from an interview he recently gave to the Editorial  Board, IIFT.Did you always dream of becoming an entrepreneur?No,

The National Marketing Summit 2016 - Trade Winds, I.I.F.T. Delhi

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (I.I.F.T.) hosted its annual Business Summit, Trade Winds, from 10-12 August 2016. As a part of the framework that the event was casted in, first up in the chain of events was The National Marketing Summit 2016, which brought under one roof industry stalwarts from