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My Journey To IIM Nagpur || Shahbaz, Class Of 2020-22

It was 26th April 2019, I was sitting at one of the benches in my huge office campus with a clutter of thoughts that came as bombardment all at once and pushed me to a verge where I had a tear or two in my eyes.Before that, I was offered

"What Do You Study, IIM or MBA?" - Ashish's Journey From A Remote Village To IIM Nagpur

"What do you study, IIM or MBA?" - Not a usual question asked by your father. But it happened to me, and I had to explain the difference. When you hail from a remote village, it's normal. Let me take you through the anecdote.My educational journey began in a school

A Rehearsal Of My Future Managerial Journey || Ft. Kamal Sood, IIM Nagpur '22

Along with studying at IIM Nagpur, acting as an interface between the administration and the students through the Class Representative's role came as a bonus. A jumble of responsibilities and lessons, the role of a CR helped me mold my personality and connect with my peers in a way that

My Experience At IIM Nagpur || Dinesh

Are you a Binge watcher, Gamer, IT employee, Netflix/Prime guy? Well, I am none of those. I hated the screen, never watched a single episode of GOT. I prefer playing outdoor sports, spending most of my free time with family and friends. Imagine a sudden change from there to daily,