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The Power Of Diversity: Learning, Leading, And Growing At B-School

Lovely people,Welcome to my first-ever article on life at IIM. In this piece, I want to discuss the most important takeaway from a B-school: the unique learnings that separate B-school students from other PG students.While it is true that anyone can take a course on any learning platform or education

Redefining Norms & Shattering Glass Ceilings: How IIM Nagpur Is Paving The Way For Women's Empowerment And Leadership

It was a beautiful day when I arrived at the gates of IIM Nagpur, full of excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead. As I walked through the sprawling campus, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the beauty and grandeur of the place.But as I settled

Discovering Purpose And Passion: How Serving As A Class Representative At IIM Nagpur Taught Me To Overcome Self-Doubt And Empower Others

After enrolling in IIM Nagpur, I knew one thing for sure; life would never be the same again. In the first few days of college, we spent all of our time getting to know one another; the first three days were spent acclimating to the university, our surroundings, and primarily

A Dream To Run Companies Ushered A Govt Employee To Be An IIM Student

“If you are so hooked on a dream, the dream will never let you sit Idle.”My IIM story started in the third year of my undergrad in Automobile Engineering when we were asked in a CAT boot-up camp, “Do you know who runs most companies? It’s the MBA grads from