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My Journey From CAT To “IIM Nagpur” – A Journey Of Perseverance

MBA is one of the most sought-after career options in this era. After having graduated with an engineering degree and having worked in TCS for two years, I, too, thought of giving MBA a shot to change the track of my career. I enrolled myself in a coaching institute and started

Unlearning & Learning Everyday - Life At IIM Nagpur

My very first learning during my first month at IIM Nagpur has been“Live one day at a time, keeping the bigger picture in mind.”At the very outset, not only has IIMN given me a sense of how my next two years would be but also how my life after graduating

A New Platform To Learn - Guest Sessions

Preparing for CAT and still in a dilemma about a lot of stuff? Then this post is for you!I know my first statement might have sounded like an advertisement, but this is what MBA does to me. Jokes apart, I understand what you must be going through now. It's almost

How I Converted The IIM Nagpur Interview - IIM Interview Experience

In the last week of April 2019, the temperature was well above the forties. Lakes had dried up and so had my aspirations of getting into a decent B-school. That was when I got a call for WAT/PI from IIM Nagpur. I chose Kolkata as my interview location as it