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From 2 Sleepless Nights To Making Into IIM Nagpur

Buddies, no one can deny that dreams of young hearts take the sleep away in every way. Ah! No blushing, nothing that sort of fairy world I am talking about here. My tale is the saga of struggle, not the rosy land of Pinky Rinky. With my first firm step

Journey From My Office To IIM Nagpur With COVID Effect

There used to be days – we called them working days. We woke up every morning and got ready to rush to a skyscraper – we called it the office. Mondays used to be the gloomiest days and the entire week used to go by waiting for fun Fridays. We

IIM Nagpur Hosts Virtual Sessions By Domain Experts, Augmenting Classroom Learning

As educational institutions face an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly one that presents considerable obstacles to classroom learning, the IIM Nagpur Board of Governors proactively offered to convert this situation into a unique learning opportunity. With the kind support of Mr. CP Gurnani – MD

COVID 19: Placements, Digitalization And Career

Now, as there is some certainty over the lifting of lockdowns, there are many unanswered questions. When will my college resume? How will placements be affected? Should I stick to my career trajectory? And what not? I would like to briefly (Word Limits) touch upon a few points that will