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Placements And Its Colourful Characters

The placement season undoubtedly brings out the best of the characters in a typical hostel setup at a b-school. People say MBA is a very grim, competitive setup right from day 1 to the day of placements. Although I’m not going to deny that being true, but the intensity of

Analytics 101 - The Whats, Whys And Hows

Analytics is a rapidly growing market with organisations looking for talents across several domains such as engineers, MBAs as well as economics & statistic grads. Such a scenario enables one to work in a team with varied experience and backgrounds. Most organisations who used to earlier outsource major analytics work

Jagriti Yatra: An Experience Of A Lifetime

Prologue When a friend of mine asked me what would be that one thing that would make me truly joyous, I replied, “To explore and learn about the unknown India which I have never seen”. I started biking to different parts of South India in an eagerness to see the bigger

Sangram'16 Experience - Bijay Nandi from IIM Trichy

(This article was sourced by our student team member Aroop Sanyal)It is always an exuberant feeling to be a part of a contingent which represents the institute. The journey, the fierce competition, the pressure to perform, and many things are continuously running through the head. For me, though, it’s the