Author: Niteen Bali

Student at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Tackling Trick Interview Questions – Niteen Bali From IIM Calcutta

You have cracked the CAT and only one step away from getting into your dream B-School. Interview score is a major component for getting selected and often students falter in convincing panellists their relevance in getting selected. Understanding how to navigate through such tricky questions is paramount. The most obvious yet important question thrown is

Sharing Economy And Marketer’s Response – Niteen Bali from IIM Calcutta

Shared economy is taking off at a quick pace, although it is at a nascent stage in India. When people, organisations are given an efficient platform to share resources (including knowledge) it is known as shared economy. The best example would be Uber Pool, E-Bay, Zostel. It is a radical shift from the conventional market. It enables