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Investment Banking - InsideIIM Career Guide – Created by Kala Krishnan

For earlier Parts under this series, please click below :Corporate BankingCorporate Finance Outside we face peer pressure and back home its parental pressure, both being inevitable I continue to track Tito Nano Chinappa in his quest to destiny and finding out where he belongs. 3 months—20days (corporate banking)—10 days (corporate finance).

"Marry someone who is accommodating and aware of the perils of your job" - Interview with Aditi Shukla Tara - Investment Banker

Aditi Shukla Tara has a very candid conversation with Kala Krishnan about investment banking, work-life balance and the recruitment situation in the industry.Aditi Shukla Tara is an investment banker with a global M&A advisory firm. She is an alumna of XLRI Jamshedpur (Class of 2011) and Delhi College of Engineering (Class

"To succeed you need to be a smart worker, not just a hard worker" - Interview with Ankur Bansal - Vice-President, BlackSoil

Kala Krishnan recently spoke to Ankur Bansal about investment banking and financial advisory,  skills needed to succeed in this industry and the future of boutique financial advisory firms in India such as his own firm. Read below :1) What makes Investment Banking a glamorous career choice – the money or

Interview with Rohit Kalahasthi - Real Estate Sector

As a part of her latest endeavour to unearth everything about Finance, Kala met Rohit. From the perspective of Chartered Accountant Finance professionals who visit our website, this is one interview that will definitely help.Rohit Kalahasthi is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary and completed his B.Com from R.A. Podar