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The Making Of MICANVAS - Part 3

As preparations for MICANVAS ’19 shift into fifth gear, there’s a palpable buzz around campus with the excitement building up every day. We’re excited about seeing Ankur Tewari, Ritviz and Benny Dayal, of course. And we can’t wait to spend hours beating our friends at FIFA in the 72-hour game-a-thon.

The Making Of MICANVAS - Part 2

So last week, we saw how the Biggest Marketing Festival in India is launched. Now let’s get to know the momentum is carried forward. Today’s let’s get to know about the 2 of the most creative verticals of MICANVAS’19 – OGC & BrandComm. OGC stands for On – Ground Creatives while

Making Of MICANVAS - India's Biggest Marketing Festival

Events. Fun. Prizes. Excitement. Competition. Games. Meeting new people. Music. Food. Euphoria. Where do all of these words come together in one place? What comes to your mind when you think about all of them together? What is the perfect mix of intense competition with the same amount of fun? You

MICANVAS – A Story Told The MICAN Way

In an era of design thinking, it is important to use big data and storytelling together and put forward a comprehensive positioning for the product or brand. This year MICANVAS has associated with the storytellers of Ahmedabad to promote MICANVAS and use the glocal concept to enhance the story of