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Improving Customer Satisfaction Using Technology

We analyze the different ways in which digital business is changing our customer’s experiences, enabling more sales and streamlining processes.When Zara used technology to reinvent their supply chain to achieve smaller product runs and produce clothing customized to local tastes, they enjoyed better customer experiences and higher sales. This was

How The Internet of Things Will Enable Digital Businesses

IoT (Internet of Things) has already established itself in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and transportation, improving efficiencies, reducing risk and increasing productivity. These industries are replete with embedded systems making it easy to integrate an IoT Framework.With the influx of cloud computing, big data, and IPv6 protocol technologies, data

Making Your Business A Digital Business

You have heard the buzzword and want to cash in but don't know how. This post will give you insights to everything you need to consider, plan and implement to achieve a customer-centric, synergistic digital business.Goodbye, IT-enablement. It is the age of the digital business. If you are someone who

Will India’s Smart Cities Take IoT To The Next Level

The Indian government has not shied away from stating its vision for smart cities. The Smart Cities Mission list includes a total of 100 smart cities that will be developed as per the government’s vision. However, what makes a city smart? The Internet of Things (IoT) is what makes a