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Life makes a Good Manager out of us. .. ...

Life makes a Good Manager out of us. .. ...

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Confession of a B-Schooler

 With every new batch, Both Seniors & Juniors are thrilled & filled with high expectations,MBA Freshmen replete with energy that is overflowing, enthusiasm that is infectious and potential that is immense BUT untapped (yet).but somewhere down the line, that energy starts to seep away,First of all I would like to

Reserved about Reservations

Reserved about Reservations Too often in our nation we are compelled to‘play it safe’,‘sound politically correct’or‘reiterate only what is in sync with the ideas of existing social constructs’.And this repeats itself until it reaches the point that it becomes blasphemous to put forward new ideas that aren’t quite confirming to the

Marketing – An Evolutionary Chronicle

Marketing – An Evolutionary Chronicle Born in 1991, when India was compelled to open up its economy in order to prevent itself from a complete obliteration, I still recall not more than 3-4 Brands in each segment of products that were available in the nearby grocery shop (or perhaps I was

11 Things I learnt from my Internship

1. No matter what you do in office time, when the deadline arrives, it’s only you, who is accountable, Neither your Tea/Coffee/Cigarette/Maggie break-mates Nor your superiors or juniors (which in case of Internship is none)2. Saturdays are deceptive and quite unreliable, especially in Consulting Industry.3. Money is Good, provided you