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IIM Raipur Completes 100% Summer Placements For PGP 2018-20 Batch

Indian Institute of Management Raipur takes pride in announcing the 100% completion of Summer Internships for PGP 2018-20 batch. The batch of 206 students witnessed over 120 recruiters participating in the campus recruitment process. The students were offered various coveted roles in the areas of Finance, Sales and Marketing, Consulting,

My First Lecture At IIM Raipur

It was the first day of class in a B-school for me. I came from an engineering background and had very little knowledge about business subjects. The name of the Professor was Dhananjay Bapat and the course was Marketing management 1. The professor asks “What’s the difference between a consumer

Learning + Fun - IIM Raipur

My campus teaches to push oneself to the level that no other campus does.At 4 AM in the morning, after a night-long assignment, I reached my bed finally. When half the world is about to wake up, I was preparing to sleep. I realized that the majority of humans who

The Atmosphere Of IIM Raipur

One of the best aspects of IIM-Raipur is the friendly atmosphere. Although it is a large campus. Everyone including the students, faculty, and administration really puts in the effort to create a welcoming environment and provide the resources necessary to not only allow a new student to acclimate successfully to