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Millennials Secretly Laughing At Millennial Research - The Importance Of Social Media Listening

Every generation has occupied researchers, marketers, advertisers and advertising agencies for the last few decades. In fact, the study of generations has been a full-time occupation for some time. Each generation is a mystery to the generations before them, who spend hours and many tons of research trying to understand

2016 - The Year Of Great Divide - Views From Prabhakar

As the year draws to a close, it is time to reflect on how we would encapsulate the events of the world into a universal theme. If one were to look for commonalities across nations in 2016 it might well be called 'The Great Divide'. Never in the recent past

Is There A Right Time To Retire - Views From Prabhakar

It's the kind of question that confronts most men and women at some stage of their life and career. And especially when they have reached the top. Because the top is scary. It is stressful. And as soon as you reach the top, the other more important question that confronts

Bad Crisis Management Damages Corporate Reputation - Views From Prabhakar

Instead of getting any better, the Tata Sons story seems to be taking a deep dive. With Nusli Wadia who has been a friend of the family and an independent director with Tata companies for 4 decades threatening Tata Sons with libel, the Tata company reputation just moved down another